Obese Anti-Paladin (Skirmisher Publishing Commission)

Obese Anti-Paladin

Obese Anti-Paladin

Here is a commission for Skirmisher Publishing. This is their Obese Anti-Paladin, a figure that represents an encounter by the same name in Skirmisher’s famous Nuisances.

Obese Anti-Paladin

Obese Anti-Paladin

This is a good opportunity to discuss aged metal. I used two techniques one for the bronze and one for the iron. For the rusted iron I used a stippling technique. To stipple you take a small amount of paint on a stiff bristled brush. Brush it a few times across a rag or paper towel in a similar method to overbrushing. Then dab the brush in short, controlled, stabbing motions on the area you want to stipple. I basecoated the sword blade and armor with a brick red color (I used Vallejo Dark Flesh). Then I stippled with a mid brown (Vallejo Beast Brown) and finally I stippled with a dark orange (GW Solar Orange). I used an old trimmed dry brush. You can buy a stippling brush from GW, but I have actually found that, for me, it is too stiff. After stippling I lightly dry-brushed on a dark silver metallic (PP Pig Iron). Finally I brought all the tones together with a controlled application of a dark brown wash (GW Devlan Mud mixed with Vallejo Matte Medium).

Bronze however, does not rust. Instead, as the metal ages it takes on a blue-green stain discoloration (called verdigris) in the its crevices. I base coated the bronze areas with a dark yellow (gold type) metallic (PP Brass Balls). I applied a controlled wash mix which includes Vallejo Verdigris Medium which is not actually a color but a special Vallejo mix designed to simulate verdigris. The mix is Vallejo Verdigris Medium, GW Goblin Green (only a dab for some green tones), and Vallejo Matte Medium. After applying the wash and letting it dry I picked out the edges with more PP Brass Balls.

I hope this gives some new ideas for painting old metals!



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