Monobot (Four Color Figures Commission)

This is another commission from Four Color Figures Superfigs line of miniatures. This is a Monobot. It is normally a henchmen figure (they are sold 5 in a pack and henchmen groups in the Super System game have a minimum of 5 models), but for the display purposes of this figure I wanted to concentrate on one model.





Monobot on homemade plinth.

Monobot on homemade plinth.

With the Monobot I had a strong color scheme in mind. I wanted to focus on warm colors (specifically red and yellow). So I used red as my primary color and yellow as my spot color. I knew I was going to include metallics in this piece (it is a robot after all) so I used the rusty metallic I described in my Obese Anti-Paladin post. The reds, browns, and oranges in that technique compliment the red and yellow. The yellow lens in the head was accomplished by applying increasingly lighter blends of yellow (Foundry Ochre) starting with the darkest yellow in the top right corner and working down to the bottom left. Paint in a curved motion that would follow the glass if it were real. Paint a small dot of white in the darkest area to simulate light shining off the lens. Cover the whole lens with gloss coat (I recommend Vallejo Gloss Coat).

I made the plinth using the lid from an old can of primer. I took the lid and using the same basing material I used on the model (Vallejo Basing Pumice), I formed a ring. I used a base as a guide so I would know the correct size to mold the material. I then primed the plinth and painted it like I would any base.



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