Wolf Thunder Warrior

While practicing miniature photography, I was reminded of a piece I had worked on over the summer. This is a Wolf Thunder Warrior from Kraken Editions really sweet Alkemy miniature game. I plan on doing a force of their great looking toad figures at some point, but I was really inspired by this particular model so I decided to create a display for it.

Wolf Thnder Warrior

Wolf Thunder Warrior

For the figure itself I was really inspired by the Native American theme that seemed to be pervasive in the Aurlok faction. I kept the colors cool: gray skin-tone, white feathers, blue warpaint. I really like the way the warpaint pattern turned out. I researched Native American warpaint schemes and I found a lot of really great pictures from old paintings and black and white photos, to current pictures from modern Native American gatherings. I did not chose the most elaborate scheme I could find. Instead, I chose a scheme that was simple and bold, and I limited the colors to a single color because I felt that these qualities would make the best transition to miniature.

Wolf Thunder Warrior

Wolf Thunder Warrior

After I completed the miniature I went to work on a display base. I started with an old peanut butter lid (of all things?!?!). First, I roughed up the surface and used white glue to apply a mix of fine and course sand. I selected a weathered stick I had found that looked to me like a miniature log. Some patches were left bare to serve as mud puddles. The base was primed black and then base-coated and dry-brushed the sand up to the highlight level I desired. I then painted the “log” in my normal layering style. I selected a mix of browns to make the bottom of the puddle and painted them directly onto the bare patches. To create the puddle I mixed some brown and green ink and some Vallejo Water Effects and slowly poured it onto the bare patch. It is a puddle so I left the water effects to one layer.

I hope this gives you some ideas of some cool things you can do with the awesome miniatures you have at home. Till next time…



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