Dwarf Lord with removeable Oathstone

I wanted to do a project that would give me an opportunity to use rare earth magnets (something I just had not had the chance to try out). This excellently sculpted Dwarf Lord by Games Workshop was perfect. As a part of the dwarf army a lord may have an oathstone. This stone when placed provides the lord with an elevated position to fight from, but more importantly sets the minds of his comrades to fight to the bitter end in defense of their lord and his sacred relic.

The first thing I did was clip the lord from his base tab. Then, using a Dremel tool on a low setting, I carefully drilled a hole and set a rare earth magnet in each foot. To secure the magnet I used Dwarf LordDwarf Lord on Oathstonetwo-part epoxy and superglue. I then made a two bases. The first base is a normal 20mm square base with a small square of thin sheet metal attached to it. Sand was sprinkled over the base except where the magnets would make contact. The base was finished with a variety of grays and some Woodland Scenics scatter snow.

The oathstone was made primarily out of pink foam. I cut and shaped it with a hobby knife and then roughed it up with some sand and white glue. I added an anvil symbol from my bit-box and hand-primed the oathstone (to prevent it from being damaged by the spray). Finally I painted the stone in a similar fashion to the other base.

I really enjoyed this project. It was a fun way to add a lot of character to an already awesome model. I hope it inspires you to try something new!Dwarf Lord Close Shot


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