Mounted Archaon (Independent Commission)

Mounted Archaon
Mounted Archaon
Mounted Archaon
Mounted Archaon gave me the chance to stretch my creative muscles and try some new things. The customer for this commission gave me free reign to develop a color scheme and details. I painted the mounted Archaon in an identical manner to the Archaon on foot. I painted the horse’s flesh with GW Chardon Granite and built up the highlights based on that. For the sword and shield once again applied a fire technique.

Continuing with the fire theme I decided that the modeled base was a lava flow bursting from under Archaon’s steed (in response to his powerful presence). To make the base match up with Archaon on foot I used basing pumice on the base and on the sculpted details that came with the miniature. I didn’t like the idea that the spikes were bones so I painted them as lava spikes piercing up from the earth. The lava was painted in a similar manner to the flaming sword and shield. Archaon's Sword

In the Warhammer Chaos storyline Archaon comes from the Chaos Wastes. The frozen wasteland north of the Empire. As such I used made the base of rocky and snowy. What I really wanted to convey was that the lava was melting the snow. To do this I applied the scatter snow in the usual way with PVA glue. After doing so and applying Testor’s Dullcote over the entire model. Once the miniature had completely dried I went applied Vallejo Glosscote around and on parts of the scatter snow in a random fashion. This simple technique gave the impression that the snow around the erupting earth was melting
Base Detail
Base Detail
Base Detail
Happy miniature painting!


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