Necromancer (Event Miniature)

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as painting a miniature you love. To revisit a common cliche its like “hanging out with an old friend.” That is how I felt when I painted this Mordheim Necromancer for Phantom of the Attic’s Warhammer Event: The Assault on Baldenhof Manor. The necromancer model was used to represent (unsurprisingly) the “Mad Necromancer of Baldenhof Manor” Anton Muller and played his role spectacularly commanding and raising the dead as well as blasting units with dark energy.

Necromancer Anton Muller

Necromancer Anton Muller

Necromancer Anton Muller

One point of interest on this piece was the painting of the skull raised over the necromancer’s head. To paint a skull such as this I start with a dark brown and over 3 to 4 stages I build up the highlights using first a browish ochre and slowly transitioning to a yellowy cream. There are many different colors that are useful, but I would most recommend the Foundry triple pack Boneyard. When painting a skull I save pure white for the teeth which makes the skull appear particularly menacing and adds some realism (the teeth of a skull tend to appear more white than the skull itself). Once again, painting using this layering technique is time consuming, but well worth it for the results.

Necromancer Anton Muller

Happy Painting!


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