Dr. Mortimer Klump (Wyrd Miniatures: Morgue Assistant Sebastian)

Dr. Klump

Dr. Klump

Happy Holidays from GPC! I recently joined a Starblazer Adventures RPG and I needed a miniature to represent my character Dr. Mortimer Klump. The character is a mad scientist with a heart of gold and a diamond edged bonesaw. With his fellow Starhunters he pursues intergalactic war criminals from an organization known as the Instrumentality.

This model was extremely enjoyable to paint. It is Morgue Assistant Sebastian from the fantastic Wyrd Miniatures company. I kept this project warm and used earth tones for the outfit. I used two different layering methods to paint the white portions of the miniature and this would be an interesting opportunity to discuss them.

There are many ways to paint white, but like black it can be source of frustration. There are cool and warm mixes for white. The cool mixes tend to start with a gray or blue base. I used a gray base to paint the white hair of the good doctor. Starting with a light (neutral) gray and progressively adding white, but only using pure white for the final highlight.

I painted the apron and straps of the doctor using a warm palette mix for white (please bear in mind that the apron is a light tan/white and I did not envision the apron as a pure white; the more white you use for the mid-tone the more white it will look at the end). I began with a light brown, khaki type of tone and built up to white by first using a mix with light flesh (a cream type tone with some caucasian flesh tones in it), and then mixing in pure white for the final highlights. Overall this was a very enjoyable miniature to paint and I am looking forward to painting more miniatures from Wyrd.



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