Azazel (Fallen Angel Terminator Sorcerer Lord)


Hello people of the internet. Sorry for the delay since my last posting, but I got caught in what I call the “holiday crush” ™. That is when the recent holiday season’s obligations make it hard to get any good miniature photography done and though I have been painting regularly I had not updated till now.

Anyway, formalities aside I present you with Azazel Sorcerer of the Fallen Angel Chaos Space Marines. I envisioned this model as the brooding leader of band of Dark Angel turn coats. Starting his career as a librarian (pre-heresey) he dabbled in the dark arts and when some of the Dark Angels turned to the forces of Chaos he gladly switched allegiances to continue his pursuit of the mystical and occult.

This model has an interesting history. It and a few other seemingly limited run models were sculpted during one of GW’s global event campaigns. Interestingly it was released and then soon after (maybe half a year) the Chaos Space Marine Codex was rewritten and a plastic multi-part lord was released. Unfortunately for this awesome sculpt, the plastic lord kit totally overshadowed it, and that really is a shame. It is well sculpted, has super sharp details, and really captures the intangiable “feel” of chaos. The armor appears ancient, but resonates power, and perhaps as a precursor to the current kits, the blister included four weapon options. The problem being that their were only two options for each arm so you might want a combination that you can’t make (which i deal with in the next paragraph). All I can say is that I love this miniature!



As I undertook building the model I set a scene in my mind. I imagined the sorcerer lord striding over broken asphalt blazing away at guardsmen or loyalist marines with bolts of arcane energy. I wanted him to be pointing as well (either as a leadership gesture or in challenge to an enemy). As such I wanted to use the sword (which I imagine is a force sword) and the dragon headed plasma gun (kai gun?). As such I did have a problem… these were both right handed weapon options. So I first looked at the arms and I knew I could really only do a conversion with the kai gun because the gun was symmetrical, and, as such, would look the same on either side. So I cut the gun and the power claw arms at the elbow and pinned them together I then resculpted the elbow pad and tubes. Finally I covered up the difficult cable and chain coupling with a cool skull bolt bit from my bits box. With both arms complete and ready to go I moved on to building the base.


To create the broken asphalt I first took some thin cork board and broke pieces off it till it fit the base. The next step was to add details to make it look like broken concrete. I pushed sniped and bent paper clip bits at odd angles to create rebarr and then I clipped a small brush protector to make a broken pipe.

Lastly I thought that it was silly for a sorcerer not to have a familiar and when I saw the clock work angel from the Empire General sprue I knew what it had to be. The clockwork angel was clipped, trimmed and pinned to the rear of the lord’s armor using a straightened paper clip. I imagined he would hover over the lord bearing tides of woe to his enemies (the banner ended up with the phrase Vae Victus, similar to the Warhammer Online advert).



That done, I was able to pin and base the body of the model and prime. The arms were left off so that I did not obstruct the detail. I painted the miniature using a similar scheme to the traditional Dark Angels, with some twists. One particular detail to note was the use of the broken sword motif on the ancient robe to show his former allegiance.

I hope this gives you some more ideas on generating a story to inspire your miniature building and converting.

Happy Hobbydays!


PS. Coming Up: My award winning LotR Mounted Gothmog, more commissions, and Ancient Romans… not necessarily in that order!


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  1. He looks awesome!

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