Gothmog on Warg: GW Philadelphia WotR Overall Winner

I really wanted to do a brief post and share a cool contest winning model I painted for a contest last year. I was living in Philadelphia during the War of the Ring rules release and I was painting and hanging out at an excellently staffed GW in Philadelphia. For the release GW sponsored a painting contest.





This Gothmog on a warg was my single figure entry. It has a small conversion element that I think is seamless but adds a ton of character to the piece. The conversion was a head-swap of the warg with the wild warg chieftain. My reasoning was that Gothmog’s personal warg was probably involved in many conflicts and would be scarred. The wild warg chieftain has an awesome eye scar that just looks so great!
For the painting I placed my laptop next to my painting desk and watched the siege of the Minas Tirith over and over again. I think I replicated Gothmog’s uniform (as much as orcs have uniforms) well. This was an easy figure for me to fall in love with and taking the top prize allowed me two free tickets to Game’s Day. I have a genuine love of LotR miniatures. The Perry brothers really captured the feel of the books and movies and I do feel that these are just some of the best minis around. Which would probably explain the rampant fanboy love I threw their way when I met them and had them autograph my Perry Brother’s retrospective!

Till next time…



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